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Our Story

Lyn & Marcos are an up-and-coming international dynamic singer-songwriter duo with a sound that combines breathtaking vocals and meticulously crafted musical arrangements.  This duo is one of the most exciting acts in the industry!  Lyn & Marcos came together as a duo act in 2019 after the two artists performed at the same event.  Quickly realizing a shared love for songwriting, performing and recording, the two were a perfect fit for each other.

Even more importantly, each artist brought a diverse background and musical inspiration that complemented each other.  Lyn, a native New Yorker, grew up rooted in classical, R&B and gospel music and learned to perform from the young age of only three years old. Her musical career came to fruition with a show stopping performance of “I’ve Just Seen Jesus” with GMA Grammy artist Larnell Harris.  Marcos is a native of Oxford, England where he grew up learning to play the drums and guitar from the time he was a teenager.  After touring with Limahl across Europe and a performance with Duran Duran, Marcos moved to the United States in the early 90’s to further pursue his musical dreams and to tour with the Christian group The Continental Singers and work with gospel legend Andraé Crouch.

Together, with Lyn’s stunning four octave vocal range and Marcos’ solid vocals and instrumentals, the duo has created a unique style of music that embodies the best of the singer songwriter genre.  Their music combines classical, gospel, pop, soul, rock, country and jazz together, giving it a larger than life feel that is sure to move listeners.  Making creative music that encourages and inspires, Lyn & Marcos are a powerful writing team that seek to embrace real life issues and to empower others wherever they are in their life path.  Driven by their passion for writing and producing, Lyn & Marcos have produced many other artists and worked with them to craft meaningful and emotional songs.

On July 4th, 2022, the duo debuted with their first single, “For America” a heartfelt and patriotic ode to the United States of America, written in a Boeing 767 flying across the country.  Currently, Lyn & Marcos are working on an upcoming EP, as well as a full-length album in the near future.


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