In time to celebrate Independence Day, dynamic singer-songwriter duo Lyn & Marcos release their original new single, “For America”, a patriotic and heartfelt ode to the United States of America. This song celebrates the history, people, diversity and liberties that have made America a shining example of freedom around the world.

As an international act, Lyn & Marcos encompass the message behind the song “For America”. From diverse backgrounds, Lyn & Marcos created this truly unique project. Lyn, a native New Yorker, grew up on R&B and Gospel music and started performing at the young age of only three years old. Her musical career came to fruition with her show stopping performance of “I’ve Just Seen Jesus” with GMA recording artist Larnell Harris. Lyn later took the stage with Country artist Kathy Mattea and Grammy artists Marilyn McCoo, James Ingram and Pebo Bryson. On the other side of the pond, Marcos was born in Oxford, England. After first learning the drums and guitar during his teen years, he would later tour with Limahl across Europe and perform with Duran Duran. Marcos moved to the USA in the late 90’s to pursue his musical dreams and toured with The Continental Singers, and worked with gospel legend Andraé Crouch.

In 2019, they met at a live event where they were both billed and shortly thereafter, they united their musical talents and began melding their diverse musical styles, writing, recording and producing unique well-crafted songs.

“For America” was inspired on a flight to New York in mid-September 2020, 25,000 feet above the beautiful American landscape and the song was nearly complete as they touched the ground.

“For America” releases on July 4th, 2022, in honor of the 246th anniversary of the independence of the United States of America. Listeners will be able to find the track available for streaming and download on their digital platform of choice. In addition, Lyn & Marcos have simultaneously released the “For America” official music video available on YouTube. Be sure not to miss the release of what will one day turn out to be considered a patriotic American-classic!

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